We provide protection against scam schemes through close monitoring of payment processes

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image finteqhub site

Our online payment solutions are part of a global software platform. We guarantee stable operation of payments and minimal downtime. Optimise your online payments and your online business with our certified payment software.

Get access to multiple payment systems via a single integration

FinteqHub is payment gateway for digital businesses of all sizes.

Thanks to a single integration, you can easily track your payment processes and get access to all payment systems through one application.

The application allows to create and manage requests for financial transactions, set up processing rules and provide analytical summaries of cash flows.

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Who is FinteqHub for?

FinteqHub is a trustworthy solution for companies of all sizes.
It will be a good choice both for those who are just starting out and are looking for comprehensive legal and technical assistance, as well as those who have been in the global financial market for a long time and need a reliable partner.

FinteqHub features

PCI DSS Certificate

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Compliance of FinteqHub with the PCI DSS standard provides a high level of security for financial transactions, which allows for secure payment security for high-risk businesses.

Smart routing

A set of rules (transaction time, currency, customer country, etc.) for flexible and intuitive processing. This feature allows to customise and change the strategies of financial flows in real time for specific business needs.

Deep analytics

You will receive detailed reports on your chosen financial transactions for the required period of time. Reports are requested in any format convenient for you and reflect the indicators relevant to you.

Flexible customer management

We provide a product with a variety of customer management options, such as customer data management and payment details, secure customer information storage, etc.

Effective user management

You can add as many users as you want to a business account that you manage. Also, for each user, you can set the appropriate permission parameters and access restrictions.

Payment integration management

Complete and intuitive setup and management of integrations with any payment system, including payment cards, bank transfers and payment wallets. It is also possible to set hard and soft limits for transactions.

Full chargeback management service

You will be able to set up and control automatic operations for the return of funds to the customer, initiated both by the payment system and by the customer. The payment gateway ensures the transparency and rapidity of all such transactions.

Technical support

The experienced team at FinteqHub is ready to answer your questions at any time.

We offer high quality operational support and guarantee a fast response to any of your urgent questions.

FinteqHub provides excellent legal service

FinteqHub’s core value is building long-term relationships to drive productive partnerships. To achieve that, we want to support your business journey at multiple stages:

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Choose a particular payment method in your region and business sector

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Introduce you to payment providers and help to establish partner relations

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Undertake all needed paperwork to onboard payment solutions

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Mediate re-negotiations of existing agreements

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Provide licensing advice for expansion into new markets and regions

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Provide legal advice for startups and market newcomers

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Provide real-time monitoring. You can be sure that the FinteqHub payment gateway works without downtime

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